Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Sorry I havnen't been blogging, i've been so ill over the past few days just throwing up, generally being ill and I didn't have any energy to post blogs. I will be back to full time blogging tomorrow! In the meantime you still can vote for which console I should get XBOX 360 or PS3 :)

PS3 or Xbox 360?


  1. Voted for Xbox

  2. When you see it you'll do a 360 and walk away.

  3. No, no, I'm with Sony since the first PlayStation :)

  4. 360, streams, plays games, plays dvds (im too broke for blue rays). does what i need it to do and still has a shelf life. win =]

  5. I'd say the PS3. Although the 360 and PS3 aren't all that different (sharing all the same features) the PS3 has the bonus of:
    - Blu-Ray (less discs or a new medium for movies)
    - More diversity in exclusives. (Not to discredit some of the AAA 360 exclusives, of course).
    - Free multiplayer.

    It's my personal preference, but if FPS are more your thing then just go straight for the 360.

  6. Xbox, ya you have to pay for the services, but I think they're worth it.